Friday, February 18, 2011

One-Use-Soap? or Homemade "Wet Ones"

One-use-soap - craft felt dipped in melted glycerin
One of the craft stations at the Valentine Tea, was a supposed one-use-soap. I say supposed because I've been using them, and the glycerin soap is lasting longer than a one-use. I started out with larger craft felt shapes, but someone at the party decided smaller would be better and I totally agree. After the party, I cut out lots of smaller hearts, dipping in the melted glycerin, set to cool on a sheet of foil, and then put them in a tea cup in our guest bathroom.

You don't need to cut out hearts (a tutorial I found did snowflakes for a Christmas party). In the future, I'm just going to use a rotary cutter, cutting small rectangles from craft felt. I want to put some in small zip-lock bags for keeping in my purse. The one-time use? Could just put them back in the bag and use till no more soap, but throwing them away after one use wouldn't be such a bad thing.

One-use-soap process
My other question still to explore is the melting temp and quick dipping. If hotter, would less glycerin adhere to the felt? Or would just very quickly dipping be the answer. Do they need to be a one-use thing? Any way, they are a very cool idea!

Glycerin chunks - I found them at Hobby Lobby - don't get the opaque kind, if you want to see thru to felt glitter or words you write.
Something to melt the glycerin in - Dawson had gotten me a small crock pot from a second-hand store that is now designated for this function.
Tongs for dipping in the hot glycerin
Foil to lay the hot dipped pieces on to cool and harden
Craft felt - cut in small pieces

As I wrote the above word "pieces" ... I got to thinking ... There's other things that could be dipped in the glycerin for this purpose too. Has anyone explored the options? I don't use dryer sheets anymore, but they could be cut smaller and "re-purposed"! What else? ...

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